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Pierz Wrestling | VISION STATEMENT

Pierz Wrestling Program Vision Statement



The number one vision of the Pierz Healy High School wrestling program is to develop champions on and off the mat. Our vision is to not just see successful wrestlers or athletes, our vision is to see successful students, successful adults, and eventually, successful husbands, and successful fathers. As a program we desire to help develop the whole student-athlete. We want each athlete to know he is a student first and an athlete second. We view success in the classroom as the most important thing that will carry them though life.


Through the sport of wrestling we aim to develop discipline, dedication, sacrifice, perseverance, hard work, responsibility, and accountability. We believe these seven skills build character and integrity. We believe that the sport of wrestling—the environment and the nature of the sport—provide a unique setting to teach character education. We strive to teach our athletes and team how to set goals and use “old fashioned” hard work to accomplish those goals. In the Pierz wrestling program we do not believe there are gimmicks, quick fixes, or magical moves that allow athletes to become successful. We focus on stressing the basics and truly believe it is the mastery of the basics—the fundamentals—which produce champions.


When striving to accomplish the number one vision of the Pierz wrestling program to develop champions on and off the mat we focus on three areas: 1) Wrestling; 2) School; 3) Community. First, as a program we want to help each athlete to be successful in practice and competition. Not every athlete will have the opportunity to be a state champion, but each athlete can walk away from the sport feeling successful. Success for each athlete is determined differently and can be attained through proper goal setting practices. Second, as a program we want to see all of our athletes succeed in the classroom, graduate and hopefully pursue higher education. Each athlete will be monitored to make sure they are staying on top of their schoolwork. We believe without an education a person's options in life are much more limited. Finally, and most importantly, as a program we want to see all of our athletes be a positive contributor to their community and society as a whole. This world needs more men who are positive role models, give back to their community, provide for their families, and love their wives and children. As coaches we strive to model this through our behavior and the way we live our lives. If we can help young men build character and integrity while equipping them to be successful in wrestling, school, and their community we have succeeded beyond our wildest dreams.

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