Pierz Wrestling Families,


With the recent news that has come out from the Governor of MN I wanted to give you an update about the wrestling season with as much information as I currently know.



**We STILL intend to have a GREAT wrestling season!!**


The Governor has issued a 4 week "pause" in many areas (one of which includes all athletics from high school on down). Our start date was supposed to be November 30th. This date has now been pushed back. With the pause set to start at 11:59pm on Friday, November 20th, this would put our first day back at Saturday, December 19th. This would be pending no other setbacks and these dates being set by the MSHSL.


The Minnesota Wrestling Coaches Association Executive Director has a meeting Friday, November 20th with Erich Martens (MSHSL Executive Director). I am hoping to hear more information after that meeting. The MSHSL Board of Directors next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, December 3rd. This meeting was supposed to focus on Postseason competition for winter sports. My guess is they will convene earlier and address the new challenges the state faces.


I want you to know that I am an advocate for your student-athlete. I will continue to be proactive in order to protect and fight for our student-athletes. I am confident the MSHSL will do everything in their power to provide a season for our wrestlers (the real battle for all winter sports is with MDH, MDE & the Governor). This season will look different, certain procedures and protocols will be required of coaches, athletes, managers, and fans. But our coaching staff is doing and will continue to do everything we can to make this season a great experience where your athlete will grow immensely as a wrestler and as a person. Our goal is always to develop champions on and off the mat and we will continue to do that regardless of circumstance.


We currently have a GREAT schedule set up for our High School team and our Junior High team. With the new parameters there will need to be some changes made again, so I am not going to publish it yet. We are currently working on a start date for our Youth team and working on a schedule of competitions for our k-4 as well.


We have the makings of a CHAMPIONSHIP team at the high school level, junior high level and youth level. However, to reach those heights again it takes a VILLAGE. I ask for your patience, your commitment, and your support during these challenging times. WE WILL WRESTLE AGAIN!! I CAN'T WAIT TO GET BACK ON THE MAT!!


It's a GREAT day to be a PIONEER!!



Skip Toops

Physical/Health Education -- Pierz Healy High School

Pierz Head Wrestling Coach

Pierz 7th Grade Football Coach

Pierz Power Program Head Coach

Driver Education/Behind The Wheel Instructor -- ISD 484

MWCA Section 8AA Representative





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